Thursday, September 2, 2010

Freshwater Angelfish

What is a Freshwater Angelfish?
           Freshwater angelfish are one of the most beautiful varieties of freshwater aquarium fish all over the world. They are also very personable fish that are a pleasure to care for.Freshwater angelfish will show their eagerness when they see someone nearby, or at feeding time, by swimming back and forth to attract attention. These fish can even be hand-fed morsels of their favorite foods.There is nothing quite as elegant as watching a freshwater angelfish as it swims.  They are disk shaped fish with long fins that extend from the body. Often, they have vertical black stripes on a silver body, but not always. Some freshwater angelfish are marble, golden, black, or koi colored. Angelfish do well in community tanks as long as their tankmates are not too small. Small fish will appear as food to them. A large angelfish will readily eat smaller fish such as small male guppies or neon tetras. You also don't want to keep angelfish with aggressive fish that will nip their long fins.Due to the relatively large size that adult angelfish attain you must provide a tank with enough swimming room. Twenty gallons or more is best, but small angelfish may be kept in a 10 gallon tank, but eventually as the fish grows you will need to move it to a larger tank.
          And you must clean the tank of the freshwater angelfish for it will also make the angelfishes healthy and live longer .The freshwater angelfish is considered a community fish, but it is on a cichlid family and may not be as sociable with smaller fish. They will school peacefully when they are young, but tend to pair off with other angelfishes and become more territorial when they are older. Being a bit timid, they can be frightened by shadows and fast movements.


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