Thursday, September 2, 2010

Breeding Angelfish

 How to Breed Angelfish?
           Breeding angelfish is not difficult, once you have established that you do indeed have a pair. There is no surefire method of sexing these fish by looking at them, so you have to wait for them to decide on the mate of their choice.Male and female angelfish look very similar to one another, and so sexing them is rather difficult. Breeding angelfish is very interesting to look at. A pair of angelfish will lock their mouths together and sometimes spin around wildly in circles. Apparently, if they still like each other after this, then spawning may occur. Prior in breeding angelfish, angelfish will start to clean a leaf or some other flat surface to lay their eggs. Female angelfish have an ovipositor and the male has a narrower tube that is used to fertilize the eggs. These are both located near theanal region and will appear on both the male and female a few days before breeding occurs.After the eggs have been laid and fertilized both angelfish parents stand guard over the eggs until they hatch in approximately 3-4 days. Sometimes breeding angelfish becomes not easy because there were times that the parents will eat the eggs, but usually they do not. At one time or another almost every tropical fish hobbyist makes an attempt at breeding angelfish.
          With this much going for it, it is no wonder the angelfish attracts so many would-be angelfish breeders. These hopeful aquarists can have a good experience in their attempt to raise and breed angelfish or they can face constant frustration until they eventually give up and go on to something else.It is our hope that after reading this, you too can experience the joys of raising and breeding angelfish.Raise now for it also gives happiness to you and takes away your stress.

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